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Welcome to my new website!

My previous website was due to renewal for more than one year, and I am so happy to have finally completed it. Music inspiration is unpredictible, and priorities seem to be out of my control as much as I dare to make long term plans. With the years I learn more and more to surrender my will to what I call the 'power of the Unknown', who is so much of greater wisdom and knowledge than my mental survival abilities.

For this version, a lot of changes were needed, dictated by new musical orientations, the constant improving of my music writing, computer technologies, sample libraries, and media communication protocols. And of course several inside mutations that fed my evolution path, which seems to be always pushing forward :-)

I wanted to gather here several key periods starting around year 2000, considering all before musics as not enough strong to be retained, in spite of a previous abundant discography (around 15 more albums were published)

The website will surely evolve, and I am looking forward integrating each new step that will manifest along..

In the pleasure to share my musical world with you all!

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