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To what Music is connected? Why this organized sound field made from tiny vibrations tied together is catalyzing such a complex level of emotions, that can reach mystical states? No other art is able to touch our humanity so deeply, and paradoxically it's made from nothing palpable. Here starts a mystery, giving hints about something that overtakes our limited reason, something which poets describe eloquently in their rimes. Music can't be put into equations. Music can't be quantified. Music can't be created by a machine. Music needs a human interface to come to completion..

And here comes the composer. This sensitive human being receive 'materials' from a silence state, that he will organize into some order, according to his syntax mastery and tastes, then codify it to a paper score, or direct recording it using tone generators. He can after deliver it again through an instrumental re-creation, where he will be 'interpret' of this complex patchwork, attempting to give back the same 'components' as the ones initially received.

But is this music to be considered as a whole, or a sum of parts? Can we separate each note of a symphony and still find a meaning? Paradoxically we need, in the assembly stage, to use individual items called notes, that will later reveal together a meaning. If we compare this to preparing a dish, we can't find analogies. Salt or sugar or lemon alone have distinctive differences on sensory level. Unless having synesthetic abilities, It's less clear with an A or G or D#, also with different notes superpositions (chords). But if we connect a A to a G afterwards, then something new happens, which is born out of the two, but without the initial quality of the single items. The relationship mutates these two notes into a new perception field that gives a kind of holographic feeling. If more notes follow, then this field multiplies, leading to complex and unique structures, moving in perpetual motion, and that are never the same in case of a reproduction.

As first step summary, in the beginning we have emptiness. Then a note appears, followed by another one. The relationship between the two creates a small universe, perceived in his components on a sensory level, and as an emotional item with a 'meaning', even if this meaning can't be clearly quantified by the reason. Then this small unit multiplies until reaching another whole, which is named 'music work'...To be continued...

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