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B i o g r a p h y

Eric Aron was born in 1961, Cannes, France. He was graduated from high school (conservatory) classical studies in piano, chamber music, conducting, electro acoustic music, and self taught in orchestration, film music, computer assisted music, electronic instruments. 


He has set his musical path in a wide territory. Starting from a classical piano education, he first wanted to be a classical performer, before discovering his writing and improvisation way. Appealed by nearly every kind of music, he spent several years exploring the main currents. This eclectic way, combined with a strong interest in sciences, technologies, spiritualities, and visual arts, created his own particular expression.


On this multi experienced way he has written many different styles, from pianos concertos to liturgical symphonies, passing by jazz trios, trance and electronic music, meditation and therapeutic programs, middle east and asia world music, symphonies for planetariums.


His main expression combines piano with symphonic landscapes and electronic sounds. This music generates deep emotions and a rich imagery, taking the listener outside the usual boundaries. He describes himself as an artist in search for a dialogue with infinite, from macrocosm to microcosm. An artist in quest of pure music, expressing the spheres harmony, the beauty and the power of life.


About improvisation, he follows the way of his masters Friedrich Gulda and Keith Jarrett, being among the very few who have committed themselves on a stage, starting from a blank page. This particular state of realtime reception and formal organization is each time a new challenge.


He regularly collaborates in Japan with planetarium star projector creator Ohira Takayuki, with many live events and symphonic works done since 2011.



Eric Aron piano solo concerts
Eric Aron piano and orchestra music
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